Let's Revolution! / Teatro Patalò / Italy


July 09 7.30 pm

Sometimes it’s enough just to stand still and listen, because out of silence and non-judgmentalism arise the questions that young people feel burning in their lives, relationships are born, and a journey into the unknown begins. This year Isadora Angelini and Luca Serrani have worked with a group of young people again, leaving them free to propose topics, guiding them through image creation and text writing, and then sharing with the public the experience of this listening process, a cloud that changes shape and appearance according to who is leading the group of equals. This is a work in motion, in which there is a dark vein, a capacity to engage in dialogue with the darker sides of life. There is no storytelling, no plot, no interpretation; just a personal tapestry on the present.

  • Teatro Il Lavatoio
    via Ruggeri, 16

duration 60'

full price 6€
performance in Italian without subtitles

con Eleonora Battistini, Noemi Zerbini, Cecilia Fiori, Laura Ricci, Anna Salighini, Nicola Matteini, Rebecca Fiorilli, Andrea Castaldo, Gabriele Mussoni, Leonardo Paganelli, Simone Silvestri, Martina Raggini, Gaia Montanari, Sara Alessandrini, Penelope Montefrancesco
esito del laboratorio per ragazzi e ragazze dai 14 ai 18 anni condotto da Isadora Angelini e Luca Serrani
un progetto del Teatro Patalò in collaborazione con Santarcangelo Festival realizzato con il sostegno del Comune di Santarcangelo/Assessorato Servizi Scolastici ed Educativi