Francisco Thiago Cavalcanti Fortaleza, Brazil / Lisbon, Portugal


Fortaleza, Brazil / Lisbon, Portugal
12 July 10:00 pm
13 July 10:00 pm
14 July 8:00 pm
Free entrance
Free entrance
12 July 10:00 pm
13 July 10:00 pm
14 July 8:00 pm
danzatore di fronte al mare

A lone whale called 52 Blue wanders the ocean, singing a song in a ghostly soundscape. Whales sing to survive, to mate, to travel, to pass the time, and also for no reason at all. 52 Blue is a “special” whale: it emits sounds at the frequency of 52 hertz, a pitch so high that no other whale can bear its company. But how can life exist without the presence of the other, of another, of someone else? What makes people distance themselves and find the presence of others unbearable? This piece, performed by a body that dances and another body that makes music, explores the world of a solitary animal that cannot live within a collectivity, as it does not fit that existence. 52 Blue is inadequate, alone, singing a song that cannot be heard. It’s sad. It’s beautiful. It’s moving.


Francisco Thiago Cavalcanti is a Brazilian, queer, neurodivergent, non-white artist who works with dance, theatre and performance. He lives in Portugal, where he founded the collective um cavalo disse mamãe with Piero Ramella, Bárbara Cordeiro and Francisca Pinto. He has a bachelor’s degree in Dance and a master’s degree in Education – Inclusion, Ethics and Interculturality, and is studying for a PhD in Modern Literature and Cultures. Cavalcanti has worked with choreographer Lia Rodrigues and authored the works “Contra a espada” (2005), “Cabiria corta o cabelo” (2013), “Mãe” (2015), “Um corpo foi achado” (2018), “Também se matam cavalos” (2022) and “Quando eu morrer me enterrem na floresta” (2023).

António Pocinho Rivotti is a student and facilitator of somatic arts and a dance and theatre performer. His academic studies in Physical Education in Lisbon led him to study somatic practices, voice, rhythm, singing and the performing arts. Rivotti was part of the Coro dos Anjos collective and trained in theatre and dance at FOR Dance Theatre.

Piero Ramella is a performer and researcher. He has a background in painting and teaches capoeira. Ramella studied dance and movement with Masaki Iwana, Lucia Palladino, Frey Faust and João Fiadeiro. In 2014, he graduated in Philosophy at the University of Trieste. In 2015, he joined the multimedia art collective Kokoschka Revival (Milan) and started a long-term collaboration as a performer and dramaturg with the Anagoor theatre company.


Access: accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility.

piazza Ganganelli, Santarcangelo



concept, performance, regia Francisco Thiago Cavalcanti
drammaturgia e assistenza alla regia Piero Ramella
sguardo esterno António Pocinho Rivotti
con la guida di Ntando Cele, Nadia Beugré
lighting design e direzione tecnica Luís Moreira
set e costumi Angélica Grativol, Isabelle Maciel
musica António Dal Bo, Gustavo Portela
video Gustavo Portela / Varanda Criativa
fotografia Jamille Queiroz
voce, movement work António Pocinho Rivotti
finanziato da Alkantara, La Caldera, Teatro da Voz / Real Pelágio
residenze artistiche Fórum Dança, Alkantara, Teatro da Voz, Santarcangelo Dei Teatri, La Caldera, Porto Iracema das Artes, Companhia Anagoor / La Conigliera
producer Sinara Suzin per Alkantara
prodotto da Alkantara

all'interno del progetto europeo In Ex(ile) Lab co-finanziato dal programma Creative Europe

in collaborazione con Zürcher Theater Spektakel (Zurigo), SPIELART Theaterfestivale (Monaco) e Holland Festival (Amsterdam) nell'ambito di European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists - EFFEA, cofinanziato dall'Unione Europea

spettacolo offerto da Oleificio Pasquinoni

© Jamille Queiroz