Reduce, reuse, recycle


Presente Sostenibile is committed to reducing waste production as much as possible, through reduction, reuse and recycling actions.
We have eliminated disposables wherever possible, preferring durable and reusable products such as ceramic plates and metal cutlery, and have equipped ourselves with customised hard plastic cups. To avoid the waste of paper and energy needed for printing, we encourage people to purchase Festival tickets electronically and we are working on reducing printed material by monitoring excess materials from year to year, making the daily festival program accessible from smartphones and printing banners and panels without specific references to years or editions.

We believe that water should be a common and accessible good and we are determined to totally eliminate the use of disposable PET.
That’s why every year, together with Gruppo Hera, Amir SpA and Adriatica Acque, we install an urban drinking water house in Santarcangelo’s main square and freely accessible water dispensers in some of our show venues and in our refreshment areas. This map indicates the drinking fountains in town so that it is always easy to find where to fill your water bottle. For those who have doubts about the quality of water in the municipal network, with the Acquologo app, designed and created by Gruppo Hera, you can see its composition in detail. Very often it is much safer and more controlled than bottled water!

The concept of reuse is particularly close to our hearts. In fact, the Festival’s set-ups, from the ticket office to the stages and the urban furnishings, are made as much as possible with materials from the set-ups of previous editions disassembled and re-assembled.


The merchandising is also developed with waste reduction in mind. For the 2022 edition, the T-shirts were recovered from unused stock from past editions of Santarcangelo Festival and other Italian and European festivals; with Ettore Lombardi, we devised ideas on how to customise them and manufactured them in collaboration with the Azdore, a group of fantastic women we can no longer do without!

From the 2023 edition, we have teamed up with Terranova and together we have thought about how to give new life to remainders of past collections, adding a simple stamp. Also the Festival notebooks only have a new cover, but inside there are the non-used notebooks from previous editions..
Clearly, at some point something will have to be thrown away, so during the Festival time, together with our main partner Gruppo Hera, we will intensify recycling collection. To clarify the ever-present doubts about what should be thrown away where, the app Il Rifiutologo comes to the rescue.