P.S. Presente sostenibile

PS: Presente Sostenibile (Sustainable Present) is a collection of widespread practices designed to keep the footprint of the event contained, positively affecting the environment, the economic fabric and social networks. They are practices adopted not only by our association, but constantly encouraged among our stakeholders, in order to offer alternatives that have less impact and which respect the environment.

An initiative promoted by the Festival and shared also by the partners who, in different ways, collaborate and contribute to its occurrence.

Why is a festival also concerned with sustainability?
Why aren’t we all committed to sustainability? It is the rhetorical question that gives shape to our answer. Every person, every visitor, every supplier is responsible for the footprint traced by every single action; this is even more the case for an event like the Festival of Santarcangelo which brings together a multitude of different collaborators.

Since 2012, we have been committed to reducing our environmental and societal impact by encouraging good practices, now extraordinary, until they become more common, daily habits. If we didn’t do this, what “Fantastic Future” would we be able to talk about?

At the Festival, every morning, a worker and a spectator wake up, aware that ubiquity is a timeless accessory to any self-respecting event.
Festival Mantra

The internationality of the artists binds the organisers of a festival to the use of planes, ships, and trains. Thanks to long-time partners such as Shuttle Bus or Start Romagna, we have encouraged our guests to share transport. But once you arrive in little Santarcangelo, there are no more excuses to use vehicles.

For this reason, from 2013, we have provided our staff and artists with reconditioned bicycles through Biciclo, a project for the recovery of disused bicycles, which we repair and use during our activities. In this way, we extend their life and make them usable, edition after edition.

In collaboration with the Municipality of Santarcangelo, you will find two bicycles for rent at the IAT office.

Festivals are challenging, especially when happening under the scorching, summer sun. PET bottles crammed into refrigerators are not our answer, however. In Piazza Ganganelli, and at the refreshment points, you will always find free, refrigerated water provided to visitors by the municipal network, as well as in the other town water distribution points. Find the nearest fountain or dispenser here.

Since 2012, we have been increasing the number of dispensaries, providing everyone with an alternative to PET with glass bottles in the rehearsal areas and quality water bottles for the public. The same excellent water quality which you can check for yourself, thanks to the Aquologo (Aquologist) created by our Main Partner Hera [download app].

PS: Did you know that, when you buy our thermal water bottles, part of the proceeds goes to Pascucci Elementary School? You can buy them at our event store!

Since 2012, we have been committed to reusing every possible material, starting with the kitchen of our traditional cooks. We try to eliminate the use of disposable products in our food outlets by choosing durable dishes, glasses and cutlery where possible. In other cases, we have converted to compostable Mater Bi products to allow you to enjoy our food and beverage options without renouncing the ecological commitment.

In order to also reduce the environmental impact in performance spaces, you can present yourself at the entrances with your electronic ticket, after downloading the catalogue of the edition on your smartphone. If you are a paper romantic, or a collector of memories, don’t worry: all of our editorial materials are printed on FSC certified paper.

Being sustainable requires a commitment to the entire supply chain. Aware of this, we intensify the collection of recycled material during the days of the event each year, while creating new points where waste can be transformed into future resources. Paper, glass or non-recyclable? Ask the Rifiutologo (waste collector) [download app].