P.S. Presente sostenibile

Since 2013 the Santarcangelo Festival has been developing P.S. Presente sostenibile, a sustainable project that involves direct participation of  audience, artists and festival team, aimed at minimizing its environmental impact. The continuity of the project through the years aims to evolve and strengthen eco-friendly practices to make our sustainable politics even more solid. Our environmental policy includes the following:

Energy: the Festival’s infrastructure is powered with clean, reduced-impact electricity generated by wind farms and E-on hydro-electric facilities.
Sustainable transport: for getting around town, Biciclo has 25 restored bicycles that have been donated by townspeople, which it is making available to artists and workers.
Public water supply: the Facciamo acqua da tutte le parti project, embodying Santarcangelo’s resolution to use only tap water, continues this year. In the last four years it has been a major success: 18,000 Kg of CO2 have been kept from being released, some 100,000 plastic bottles saved, and 54,000 litres of public water consumed.
Electronics ticket: a useful service to avoid printing tickets on non-recyclable thermal paper.
Promotional materials: all printed materials are on FSC certified paper produced from responsibly managed forests.
Re-usable drinking mugs: to continue garbage reduction, beer is served in recyclable drinking mugs, which can be returned, instead of glasses and china mugs.
Eco-menu: on weekends the Centro Festival restaurant will use fruit and vegetables that for their appearance have not been sold, to make a rich vegetarian menu, thus reducing food waste.
Merchandising: up until 2018, shopping bags and t-shirts have been made of organic cotton grown without the use of pesticides and a 90% reduction in water consumption: innovative items with a reduced risk of health damage to people and eco-systems.

P.S. Presente sostenibile is a project designed and created by Chiara Mini, developed by Santarcangelo Festival.