Presente sostenibile


Download the guide to be an ecoresponsible festivalgoer!

In response to this question, in 2012 from an idea by Chiara Mini, Presente Sostenibile was born, a project committed to minimising the ecological footprint of Santarcangelo Festival and all the activities of the association Santarcangelo dei Teatri.

We are committed to organising a theatre festival – with thousands of participants and attended by international artists and cultural operators – without having a devastating ecological impact. We develop and implement actions that reduce the environmental impact at all stages of the Festival!

In order to do so, we enter into synergy with the soul of Santarcangelo dei Teatri, a reality that enables the creation of temporary communities offering extraordinary possibilities for meeting and exchange; and it is as a community that we are determined to work to reduce impacts.

Presente Sostenibile moves in four directions: sustainable mobility, clean energy, reduce-reuse-recycle, and conscious procurement.

Sustainable mobility

Clean energy

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Conscious procurement

Our journey towards sustainability