In town

Santarcangelo di Romagna is part of Cittaslow, the International Network of Cities where Living is Easy: it is therefore a city with a strong cultural identity, supported every year by Santarcangelo Festival, welcoming the most groundbreaking performing arts since 1971.

While attending Santarcangelo Festival, don’t forget to visit:

Underground tour. Not everyone knows that below the streets of Santarcangelo 6 kilometers of caves are situated at different heights, connected through ladders and ventilated with a complex system of air intakes. Often called erroneously “tufaceous caves”, they are actually hypogea excavated by human beings. These are very old structures, perhaps places of worship, even if there is no evidence of their actual use. Towards the center of the historical complex there is a room with seven recesses, dedicated – according to some hypotheses – to the cult of the god Mitra. More information at the IAT Office – via Battisti, 5 – tel. 0541.624270.

Musas – Archaeological Historical Museum. It is located within the walls of Palazzo Cenci, near Porta Cervese and facing Piazza Monache. It stores the entire historical, archaeological and artistic heritage of the surrounding area. The museum contains paintings from the Middle Ages to the Nineteenth Century, and a room entirely dedicated to Saint Francis. For more information, please visit the website:

Mutonia – Mutoid Waste Company. An artists collective founded in London in the 80s which moved to Santarcangelo in the early 90s. Mostly famous for their large moving sculptures made from recovery materials set together. Click here here to visit their Facebook page.

Where to sleep:

Santarcangelo is located just 10 kilometers far from Rimini. In addition to the accommodation facilities located within Santarcangelo (at this link), it’s also possible to search for accommodations on the coast at the website, which proposes several hotels of the Adriatic Riviera, based on categories, last minute offers and services.