Vision of love

Santarcangelo Festival is a lively, vibrant and surprising art and performance Festival that brings groundbreaking international artists to a small beautiful town on top of a hill, in Northern Italy. It offers a diverse program of art and music and it transforms the town for 10 days each summer, creating unique and immersive atmosphere and building a temporary community of artists, citizens and spectators who gather around contemporary performing arts.

The Festival, founded in 1971, is an oldest festival in Italy focusing on contemporary creation. Together with a radical programme, we offer a pleasurable space for encounters and conversation.

So what kind of Festival we aim to be?

Free. The Festival as an embodiment of freedom, a libertine, always questioning how freedom can be expanded, shared, enjoyed. This is assured by the autonomy of curatorial team of the Festival and the risk-taking, adventurous attitude of the whole team.

This is the Festival where you can see and feel what nowness feels like, where you experience groundbreaking performing practice as it is emerging. For this, extensive and continuous research into the global performance scene is needed, and this is assured by the expertise of the curatorial team and a large number of Festival collaborators who bring in new ideas and inspirations.

Radically post-disciplinary.
We present artists across a wide range of artistic languages, following the freedom of post-internet generation who create art outside of institutional boundaries of genres. With theatre, dance and music at its core, Festival presents a range of artists who do not fit into any of these categories, cross-pollinating with other sectors, from political activism to scientific research.

The Festival is not neutral – it is an active citizen who has a strong position and is not afraid to express it. We champion taking risks while the general mood in seem to change towards avoiding risks at all costs, we promote openness and celebrate diversity while the political landscape works hard towards closing borders; we focus on inclusion and community building while the economic crisis drives people to prioritize individualistic needs. We are outspoken and defend our values publicly.

The Festival is an immersive experience for the audience, offering a full program of activities all around the clock, with performances and concerts in its core. This allows to deepen the art experience, to create a fluid space where the boundaries between artistic and social disappear.

With a big part of the program for free in public spaces, innovative communication campaign, a diversity of events on offer, we strive to reach the widest possible audience. This is supported by the low ticket prices to the paid performances and comprehensive audience development program.

This is the Festival that is not afraid to be erotic, to elicit desire, to be a place for enjoyment. After all, we are in the hottest of summer, and the warm nights are long. While the Festival program is demanding for the audience in terms of introducing radically new artistic practices, it should also bring joy and a bit of a spark.

Truly global. The world today is global: the Festival should reflect this, and actively seek to support and present artists around the world, instead of focusing on the narrow national / european cultural identity. This means active research and seeking partnerships also outside of Europe, and finding resources to support this work.

The Festival is always imagined as a community of people, not as mere selection of artworks. We create connections and explore urgencies together with our community, that unites local inhabitants, wider Italian audience and global art community. This means seeing local community as active co-creators of the Festival, not mere audience.

The Festival is a useful tool for the artistic community. We actively support the professional development of artists and professionals, offering opportunities for networking, professional development and capacity building.

Open for collaboration.
The Festival initiates new collaborations and positions itself as a desirable partner for international co- operation. This has already resulted in three European projects the Festival has submitted in January 2018, including one as the leading partner.

We focus special attention on the sustainability program of the Festival, both in terms of ecological footprint and investing in building the long-term relationships with our the members of staff, institutional partners and artists.