Festival for Umarells

Umarell [uma’rɛːlː] is term in Bolognese dialect, referring specifically to persons of retirement age (most usually men) who pass the time watching construction sites, especially roadworks.
Umarells can be found all around Italy, standing with hands clasped behind their back and offering valuable advise to construction workers.

In our continuous search for new audiences, Santarcangelo Festival has devised a program specially for umarells.

July 3 • from 18.00
July 4 • from 18.00

Info point – Piazza Ganganelli
A free guided tour with the curators of the Festival to visit various set-ups and learn first hand how is festival is being built around the city.

Piazza Ganganelli
Cinema – screen set-up
Forensic Oceanography – container set-up

non-scuola e Let’s Revolution – set-up and evening rehearsals

Piazza Monache
concerts stage set-up