Futuro Fantastico: July 15 – 19

Finally here is the programme for Futuro Fantastico, emergency edition of five days only of Santarcangelo Festival 2050, from July 15 to 19 in various, outdoor (and unexpected!) locations.
A project that has been quickly re-built (in the midst of the pandemics), piece after piece, dialogue after dialogue, with artists, technical staff, administration, citizenry… We kept on going head-on with the conviction that what counted in this altered perceptive dimension were not the artworks themselves, but rather the context, the atmosphere and the climate of respect and collaboration we hope to activate. In this regard we infinitely thank the whole “fantastic” team of the Festival who has cooperated with us with enthusiasm and energy even in the most negative moments or when this edition still seemed impossible. Besides, browsing through the names of the people who will be present we realised that… it is us, all our story is studded with fragments of experiences shared with the groups of this tormented edition. They are the artists with whom we most fought, discussed and shared in thirty years of career in Italy. It is a choice that could be criticized, but that we reclaim with tenderness, because in such a fragile moment we needed proximity. Here is a generation of fourty-something (and beyond) who have no role of power at the moment, some manage venues or festivals, but no one has a political or institutional role: maybe (for the moment) we are the ones in a more visible position. But, after all, what power, with a Festival like Santarcangelo which has a budget that equals one fifth of the super-financed big Italian festivals?

There are, unfortunately, some fateful absences, but five days are truly few to accommodate the immense network of contacts (of love) activated in these long years… New brilliant encounters are not absent, like Benjamin Khan and Cherish Menzo, who we managed to invite this July at the very last minute, given the unexpected opening of the frontiers and the possibility to adapt to an outdoor space their performance Sorry but I feel slightly disidentified… a solo on the theme of identity and on racial stereotypes. While Simon Senn and Riccardo Benassi will join the Festival remotely, in a dialogue with Giovanni Boccia Artieri and Laura Gemini: Senn with a conference-performance dedicated to his Be Arielle F., which would have had its national premiere in Santarcangelo, and Benassi with the book e-launch of Morestalgia (NERO Editions), a collaboration between Santarcangelo Festival and Live Arts Week Bologna.

We asked El Conde de Torrefiel, who would have premiered with the cinematographic project Mirar, for instructions to build up a long-distance performance (somewhat evoking Fluxus’ practices), in a perspective which inaugurates a different eco-sustainability of artistic creation: thus Se respira en el jardín como en un bosque was born, an action for two spectators at a time, to experiment with! Davide Enia, whom we know since his early beginnings, will open the Festival with L’Abisso, tracing the red line which crosses the whole programme: the refusal of racism. It is necessary to open this run-down Country to real and structured practices of respect for diversity, precisely when fascist regurgitations and nostalgic echoes of past regimes are emerging in an ever more vulgar and menacing fashion. Precisely this deceitful and potentially violent racism is the one we need to confront activating KIN – in every possible interpretation – which is also the title of the radio programme by Usmaradio which will follow the whole Festival. While the world is burning with the protests of the movement Black Lives Matter, the stages of Santarcangelo Festival will not escape a confrontation with Black Dick by and with Alessandro Berti, who retraces the history and the instrumental use of the African-American bodies by white society, and I sommersi e i salvati, by the company Fanny & Alexander with Andrea Argentieri, a site-specific version of the award-winning show which is part of the project Se questo è Levi. Maintaining this perspective of overcoming barriers, even between actor and audience, we have activated many participatory projects which involve the local community: Family Affair by ZimmerFrei, which investigates what has happened in six “variegated” families during the post-lockdown; Quattro lezioni sul corpo politico e la cura della distanza, a project-workshop created specifically for the Festival by Virgilio Sieni about the forms of transmission, of participation and of vision; Be Water My Friends, workshop by Mara Oscar Cassiani about group dancing, created in collaboration with FLUXO; Il trattamento delle onde by Claudia Castellucci / Societas, a teaching for a new sport for children between 8 and 12 years of age, followed by a “publicly danced ball”. Surprise interventions by non-scuola del Teatro delle Albe and by the teenagers of the group Let’s Revolution! by Teatro Patalò will contribute to facilitate the relations and contacts between spectators, artists and Festival’s staff.

The manifold panorama of the artists from Emilia-Romagna proves exceptionally vital, with various premieres created, among multiple difficulties, during the lockdown, as the unique event ANUBI III by ZAPRUDER who, with a cinematographic performance/concert for cross-country motorcycles, will invade a surprising part of the town; the choreographer and dancer Paola Bianchi will present a site-specific version of Energheia, with the music tracks composed and played live by Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo; Quotidianacom with the premiere of Tabù will address the prohibitions that disobedience or transgression struggle to demolish in a new dramaturgy. The theme of identity and gender will be central in La Mappa del Cuore di Lea Melandri by Ateliersi with the singer Francesca Pizzo, Fiorenza Menni and Andrea Mochi Sismondi: a musical journey through the adolescence and the skillfull writing of Melandri. Again at the turn of show and concert on a transforming body who lives several sexualities and several ages in one life, we will host Tiresias, drawn from Hold your own / Resta te stessa by Kate Tempest, new creation of Giorgina Pi and BLUEMOTION with Gabriele Portoghese. To close this series which calls binarism into question, Motus brings back (as a gift) to the Festival, for which it was created in 2015, its MDLSX with Silvia Calderoni, performed almost 300 times in five continents (but never presented open air). In its strongly multidisciplinary nature the Festival will also host some installations and proposals which intersect performance and visual arts: the internationally acclaimed artist MP5 with a special project titled Nuova onda; Katia Giuliani with Pratiche di Contatto Amoroso a Distanza; Giacomo Cossio with Contronatura; Masque with Luce; Sara Leghissa / Strasse with Fake Uniforms (public lecture); the rising collective Le Notti with Romeo calling Giulietta in collaboration with ISIA Urbino.

Therefore this will not be an on-line Festival, but to provide more fruition opportunities to the audience, the channel Lepida TV of the Region Emilia-Romagna will broadcast live and stream some of the programme’s appointments, both on the big screen in Piazza Ganganelli and on the channel 118 of the region, as well as on www.emiliaromagnacreativa.it e lepida.tv.
This 50th pademic edition of the Festival, which focused, even in the original version, on the dialogue between cinema and theatre, is conceived as a performative act five days long and the exceptional modes of representation will turn the town into an exploded cinematographic set: we invited Luca Mosso and Matteo Marelli from Filmmaker Festival in Milan, in collaboration with Fuori orario by Rai 3, to curate the film programming in Piazza Ganganelli. The team of Filmmaker with the project Transfert per kamera will invite to the Festival 5 young Italian directors of the experimental film-making world, to create the portrait of some of the guest artists and translate them into brief documentaries (which will also compose a special episode of Fuori orario on Rai 3 dedicated to the Festival, on air on Saturday 25 July).

There will be a space for live music too, in the wonderful frame of the Sferisterio with a mini festival curated by Nicolò Fiori, titled BISONTE, from the homonymous song by the Camillas, whom the mini-festival is dedicated to (in memory of Mirko Bertuccioli, victim of the Coronavirus). It will be opened by an intervention on the independent music scene by Pierpaolo Capovilla founder of One Dimensional Man and of Il Teatro degli Orrori, followed by Dany Greggio, who will present extracts of the project Plutus with Cesare Malfatti (La Crus) and Atto Alessi. The following nights will support the Italian independent labels, like Bronson Recordings, Ribess Record, UR Suoni and Gloryhole with 6 groups from the region: Solaris, Sunday Morning, UnoAUno, Houdini Righini, So Beast, Moder. The series will close on Sunday, July 19 with Angela Baraldi and Love Tore us Apart (with Giorgio Canali and Steve Dal Col), a special homage to Joy Division. The soundscapes will include djsets by Luca Pasteris, Lucifer Rising and Sugo.

We will meet every afternoon from 4 to 6 – in a mixed live/digital mode – with speakers and audience partly physically present and partly online: the programme opens with a round-table dedicated to the current situation of theatre in Italy, with a particular focus on festivals, titled NEL CORSO DEL TEMPO – Festival in tempi pandemici; COME STIAMO? an encounter about artistic work / sexism / vulnerability / political ecologies / care income by Il Campo Innocente; TOGETHER APART will be a dialogue with artists who sent us concepts in the distance and about the new inclusive panoramas of performance art, with Julian Hetzel, El Conde de Torrefiel, Sodja Lotcker, coordinated by Chiara Organtini; Saturday 18 DIGITALE REALE coordinated by Giovanni Boccia Artieri and Laura Gemini will see interventions by Simon Senn and Riccardo Benassi from Geneva and Berlin; the last meeting TRANSFERT PER KAMERA – teatro cinema televisione will be coordinated by Cristina Piccino, Luca Mosso and Matteo Marelli, with the participation of Roberto Turigliatto and Fulvio Baglivi from Fuori orario and some of the artists present at the Festival.

We finally point out that a fundraising campaign will be active in favour of Mediterranea Saving Humans so that the physical distancing will not dramatically reflect on the social front, already impacted by a devastating economic crisis. We need to take a stance: the word crisis comes from the Greek krísis and may also mean choice, decision; and the chain of choices we find ourselves facing is especially linked to solidarity commitments and to the renunciation of what is consolidated. It is hard, but it is a great opportunity that the cohabitation with the virus donates us. We keep on repeating it to ourselves because we cannot resign to the mere artistic survival: we are interested in a good life, as written by Judith Butler, in slowing down and redesigning the very paths of creation and curation, implementing practices that are sensitive to the environmental alarms, to make something happen on the stage that, beyond aesthetic research, could be useful, politically.

To make Kin, weave new family ties, fantastic sororities.

Daniela Nicolò and Enrico Casagrande, artistic direction of Santarcangelo Festival 2050.