At work!

“During the last years, we have insisted a lot on the theme of identity mix, on breaking down the walls – even the invisible ones – insisting on working about the porous borders of the arts… We cannot disregard this dense path when imagining the Festival, that we are thinking as a “choral opera” made by many, that spreads in every little crease of the city, involving inhabitants and public spaces, with no interruption between inside and outside, and taking back the freeing spirit of the origins’ editions, in the squares.

A special-specific edition, centered on the mutual pollination between cinema, theatre, music, literature and… anthropology, because 2020 is the year that more than any other has been the object of propitious and nefarious sci-fi visions.

Today, the predisposition to imagine tomorrow, to see far away, seems to be weakening: is “the slow cancellation of the future” happening? Are we trapped in “the amber, here and now”? Let’s then try to imagine a collective date that roots in the 50 years we passed throwing ourselves forward, with a double pike jump.

We think of the fiftieth anniversary of Santarcangelo, the festival of our heart, as a one-act, a scenic gesture that tries to open new imaginative doors. A far-out Festival.

Well, we are very happy to begin this space trip.”