Associated artists

Francesca Grilli


Markus Öhrn

From 2017 to 2019, Santarcangelo Festival is sharing its route with three associated artists, Francesca Grilli, Motus and Markus Öhrn, who will be collaborating with the Festival under the artistic direction of Eva Neklayeva. Motus has solid, historic ties with Santarcangelo. Swedish artist Markus Öhrn has been working on a project with Santarcangelo’s Azdora group for three years, a work that has had tremendous impact on the artistic community, the shape of the Festival itself, and the lives and professional paths of the artists involved. Representative of a talented young generation of Italian artists of international stature, Francesca Grilli is setting out down a new path with the Festival, which she has taken part in only once before, many years ago.
Associated artists have a special relationship with the Festival, maintaining with it a dialogue and a mutual commitment born out of sharing and support, a form of collaboration without rules or obligations, one that proposes, instead, quality listening and sharing that develops in various ways, depending on the time of year and their artistic projects. Santarcangelo Festival is committed to supporting and promoting the work of associated artists through residencies, co-productions, consultancies or networking on specific projects. The artists support the Festival’s artistic direction and at the same time are its ambassadors, free to propose and suggest projects or other artists.