A school with a view

To observe the position that the actor occupies within a work is always the best way to focus on the idea of theatre that animates the creator and the interpreters of the work itself, and therefore to reveal the idea of world in which they believe in. This principle applies even more strongly to theatre schools and educational contexts in general: questioning the criteria on which the actor’s training paths are based offers an extraordinary access key for a deep consideration on the intentions and implications of the theatre on which we are investing. What kind of performers do train in Europe? For which kind of theatre? For which society?

Imagining it as an edition that mainly raises questions about horizons, Santarcangelo 2050 is a fundamental opportunity to open a wide window on the subject. The focus, which is unique in Italy and in Europe, will cover seven excellent experiences:

Haute École La Manufacture of Losanna – Switzerland, directed by Frédéric Plazy

DAS Theatre of Amsterdam – Holland, directed by Silvia Bottiroli

Kask of Ghent – Belgium, directed by Frederik Le Roy

Prague Performing Arts Academy – Czech Republic, directed by Sodja Zupank Lotker

Master Degree in Theatre and Performing Arts at Iuav, Venice – Italy, directed by Annalisa Sacchi

Master in performing arts and community spaces, PACS/Palaexpo Rome – Italy, directed by Cesare Pietroiusti

As part of a dedicated residential project, which will culminate in a symposium during which the directors and curators of the various institutions will share their convictions, research and orientations on the issue of artistic training, the Festival will host a constellation of shows, performances and studies carried out independently by the students of each educational institution, which will try to restore the great creative vivacity produced by a certain type of “school-system”. Each school, besides presenting two performances of its students, will invite 6 students to the Festival who will participate to a series of workshops and meetings with artists of the official programme.

The international Symposium – curated by Silvia Bottiroli, Frederik Le Roy and Sodja Lotker – titled Performative schools: temporary structures / permanent unknowns – exchange of practices symposium will involve representatives and students also from other European and non-European educational institutions.