In 2020 the 50th edition of the Festival: Motus appointed as artistic director

In July 2020 the Festival will reach its 50th edition, proving as one of the most enduring Italian institutions for the performing arts, able to regenerate year after year, overpassing trends and political phases and able to relaunch its international trend-setter role with perseverance and tenacity.

With the aim of building a well-structured journey of study, analysis and restitution of the Festival history and of conceiving a programme able to reflect its firm and iridescent identity, the Administrative Board of Santarcangelo dei Teatri has assigned the artistic direction of this special July 2020 edition to Motus, local theatre company which has always been nomad and independent, founded and guided by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò, already associated artists for the current triennium directed by Eva Neklyaeva and Lisa Gilardino. High-profile organization of the international scene, Motus has an artistic path that is deeply interrelated to the one of the Festival, having already directed the 2010 edition and having cooperated with the artistic direction of the theatre companies in the triennium 2009/2011. Daniela Nicolò and Enrico Casagrande enthusiastically welcomed the challenge to enclose the past, present and future of the Festival in one single edition: an experience which reoccurs but which asks the company to play an unprecedented role by building a choral dramaturgy of a great collective appointment.

Daniela Nicolò and Enrico Casagrande declare: “We imagine to see, as in a VHS fast forward, the flowing images of what has happened in Piazza Ganganelli from 1970 to the landscape-festival of 2020: what emerges? Grateful for this invitation, we start scanning the panorama of this year-historic turning point, sprinkled with sci-fi unbelievable predictions, while the future seems to be dissolving in the continuous present of the “digital swarm”. We do this with a cross-eyed view between Theatre and Cinema, because every border area is breeding ground for propitious grafts of an unsettling weirdness…We move from the complex scenarios of our tired and hardened country to better focus what is going to happen in the distance of time and space. With burning eyes. See you soon in 2020.”

“The long run-up to the fiftieth edition of the Festival gets to its heart – declares the President of the Association Santarcangelo dei Teatri and Mayor of Santarcangelo, Alice Parma – marking the entrance in the decisive phase of a journey started this year, with the aim to transform 2020 in a memorable moment. By assigning the artistic direction to Motus, who come back after the 2010 experience, we meant not only to build a bridge between different eras of the Festival, comprehending the ones to come, but also to conceive an edition which is going to be dense, involving, rich in stimuli and contents. This would not have been possible without the precious work carried out in these years by Eva Neklyaeva and Lisa Gilardino, whom I thank for an artistic direction able, once again, to have the Festival shed its skin – closes Parma – and project it towards the exciting milestone of the fiftieth edition.”

The current artistic direction, Eva Neklyaeva e Lisa Gilardino, wishes Motus the best for this new adventure, which comes after a long history of cooperation between the two organizations and on one hand marks a path of artistic continuity, on the other opens new visions for the Festival.

The public international call for the selection of the artistic direction of the triennium 2021/2023 will be published in the Autumn 2019 and, as in the past, it aims at gathering all the best proposals and opportunities from the whole world of the performing arts.

The journey towards Santarcangelo Festival 50 has already started last Summer: the 2018 edition hosted a meeting dedicated to the first 10 lustra of the Festival, curated by Roberta Ferraresi (Towards Santarcangelo 50 / Building a story), scholar and researcher of Bologna University who was assigned the realisation of a volume collecting the history of the 50 years of the Festival, developing an open construction site between archive researches, meetings and study seminars.