enough not enough

In the current panorama of the performing arts, we are interested in how artists create alternative visions of reality which go significantly beyond what is recognised and assimilated. Looking at the works that we have invited to this edition of Santarcangelo Festival, we can conclude that in contemporary performing arts, the duplication, elaboration and narration of reality are increasingly giving way to speculative strategies that allow us to experience something that is not yet there, but that could exist. The tensions we are interested in arise precisely where what is real and lived converges with what is potential and imaginary. This year’s artistic proposals challenge established ways of reading reality. They are an invitation to meditate and create different perspectives on the communities and relationships at the basis of our social coexistence. Because what else should the experience of a festival like Santarcangelo be, if not an attempt and an opportunity to break out of usual patterns of thought and confront not only the world we live in but especially the reality we could and would like to live in? Starting from these artistic proposals, we look for the answers to some questions: where are our limits of consent and the critical points that trigger dissent? Where and when does change begin? We live in a world full of inequalities, injustice and exploitation. Are we ready to declare that we have crossed the line? And what are the consequences?

Santarcangelo Festival has its own uniqueness: for ten days, this small town moves according to a completely different logic of action from daily life. Santarcangelo is not only a city that hosts the Festival: it is a festival-city, a dialogue-city, a meeting-city, a party-city. It fascinates me how the places that Santarcangelo’s community offers to artists as art spaces become an essential part of the narratives created in other social and cultural contexts. We want the 53rd edition of Santarcangelo Festival to be an authentic and profound experience: individual, collective, stimulating and open to new ways of thinking and being together.

Tomasz Kireńczuk
Artistic Director Santarcangelo Festival